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Blitzscaling 2.0 : Covid19 and Humanitarian Logistics


Blitzscaling of humanitarian logistics in the wake of Covid19 and how data science and optimization are playing a role. Please reach out to me if you are interested in knowing how my team of volunteers is contributing to this effort.

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Begging for Thermometers, Body Bags, and Gowns: U.S. Health Care Workers Are Dangerously Ill-Equipped to Fight COVID-19


Ram Bala, an associate professor of business analytics at Santa Clara University in California, volunteered to design an algorithm to match PPE requests with people who want to offer PPE but don’t know where to bring it. “It’s almost like an Uber or a Lyft; we’re trying to minimize the mileage,” says He. A volunteer “match team,” which includes bioethicists, also considers where the donation might have the most impact.

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